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Delano Safety Center

NorthStar performed a Topographic Survey, Boundary Survey, Hydrology Study, Civil Engineering Design Services and Civil Improvement Plans with Project Specifications for a Police Facility in Delano. The hydrology analysis concluded that the existing public detention basin was sized adequately to accommodate the proposed projects runoff and that an expansion of the existing basin would not be required. The project included the design of a new police facility building, parking lot, storm drainage system, sewer system, domestic water system, fire sprinkler system, wall design, car wash with grease interceptor, basin discharge with structure, storm drain forcemain continuation with backflow device to basin from existing public improvements, and erosion control measures while coordinating with Caltrans for the location of public improvements under an existing overpass and avoiding conflicts with the existing footings.

The Civil Improvement Plans addressed construction details, site demolition, pavement delineation, horizontal control layout, detailed grading and drainage, utilities, plan and profiles and erosion control measures. The plans were prepared and processed through the City of Delano for approvals. Later due to public funding constraints a value engineering analysis was performed and a phased alternative set of documents were prepared while utilizing the approved plans to eliminate the need for full design review submittal process.

  • ClientCity of Delano