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Mountain House High School

Initial designs were prepared through an extensive design development process which included 60% and 90% designs. The proposed site had numerous challenges which included preparing detailed grading and accessibility plans to account for nearly 30-feet of elevation difference across the project site. This was further challenged because of the need to phase the project due to project funding. Temporary super-pads and drainage swales were planned to assist the district and the contractor during the construction document phase of the project.

Other challenges for the project during the design development phase were the sanitary sewer and water system plans for the project. As part of the initial sanitary sewer feasibility and design, it was determined that the existing sewer stub to the site was deficient. This required an analysis of the existing downstream sanitary sewer systems to determine capacity of the system and determination of an alternative connection for a portion of the site. The water system required a loop system connecting two separate pressure zones. This required coordination of numerous fire flow tests in the area and preparation of a detailed water model to determine the size of the on-site water loop.

Finally, the project construction documents where prepared through multiple processes that allowed for optimum quality assurance and quality control while providing detailed value engineering for the project. This was prepared through 60% and 90% construction documents and value engineering review both internally and with the project contractor. The construction documents included Site Topography, Demolition, Rough Grading, Storm Drainage, Sanitary Sewer, Water System, Fine Grading, Erosion Control, and Construction Details. Plans were prepared for submittal to DSA and MHCSD.

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