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Trails at Manteca

Lead project engineer providing Project Management, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering for a Master Planned community with over 1,700 single- and multiple-family residences. NorthStar prepared refinements to the existing site plan, entitlement assistance, project feasibility analysis, Master Plan documents, and Technical Studies for the development of the entire project.

NorthStar, as an extension of the client, provided numerous site plan revisions to optimize the ability to market the project. Site plan revisions were utilized to create specific communities, efficient development phases, and optimized open space opportunities within the project. With the revisions to the site plan, NorthStar prepared three tentative maps for previously un-mapped large lot parcels and assisted with marketing graphics.

Extensive Cost Analysis was performed to determine the feasibility of the project. NorthStar prepared detailed estimates for Phased Off-site, Mass Infrastructure, Backbone, and In-Tract improvements. NorthStar worked with City of Manteca staff to determine and establish project fees required for during development and building permit phases for the project. Finally NorthStar prepared project reimbursements and fee credit analysis to refine the total development costs for the project.

NorthStar prepared construction level Master Plan documents and Technical Studies for the full build-out of the project site. NorthStar prepared Grading and Drainage Master Plans to determine on-site and off-site roadway grades, pad elevations, and basin volumes. NorthStar internally prepared an earthwork analysis to balance the project site while accounting for groundwater conditions. NorthStar prepared a Storm Drainage Master Plan and Model incorporating four storm drainage basins, stormwater treatment, and conceptual regional storm drain pump station. NorthStar worked with City of Manteca staff and various State agencies to create a regional stormwater drainage solution for Zone 39 utilizing a dual-use agricultural and infiltration pond. NorthStar prepared a Sanitary Sewer Master Plan and Model which included conceptual design of the regional sanitary sewer pump station. NorthStar utilized water modeling software to design and simulate a water distribution system capable of providing enough water to meet the daily water demands for each residence and the required local and national fire protection demands. Master Plan documents and Technical Studies have been submitted to the City of Manteca and have been approved pending final site plan revisions.

  • ClientCity of Manteca