Indirect Source Review

/Reducing impacts of emissions from new land development


Indirect Source Review (ISR)

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (District) adopted the Indirect Source Review (ISR) rule on March 1, 2006 in order to reduce the impacts of emissions from new land development in the San Joaquin Valley.  The ISR requires developers of larger residential, commercial and industrial projects to reduce smog-forming and particulate emissions that are indirectly generated by the growth in population associated to their development projects.  The emissions generated are estimated both during construction activities and during the first ten years of operations of the new development.  The total amount of emissions generated can be reduced by implementing mitigation measures during both  construction and operations.  If these mitigation measures do not reduce the emissions by the necessary levels, a fee is paid to the District so they can reduce emissions elsewhere in the San Joaquin Valley on behalf of the project.

NorthStar Engineering Group, Inc. has been working with the District on behalf of clients since the ISR has been in effect.  NorthStar Engineering Group, Inc. is able to model the development project through CalEEMod, the same software program that the District uses, to estimate the amount of emissions  that will be generated by the project.  NorthStar Engineering Group, Inc. is able to quantify the credits given by different mitigation measures so decisions can be made with the project stakeholders about their cost effectiveness to implement.  NorthStar Engineering Group, Inc. is then able to complete the Air Impact Assessment Application Form on behalf of the developer and submit it to the District.  The District then models the project through CalEEMod, and allows for their findings to be reviewed prior to finalizing any fee amount.  NorthStar Engineering Group, Inc. can review the District’s findings to check for discrepancies in the amount of emissions generated and any required fee.